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Welcome to the Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre
“The Centre” is the first and only full service rehab-only facility for pets in the Niagara Peninsula.

Dogs and cats alike will benefit from the expertise and collaboration of therapists from both sides of the field and a facility which enables them to exercise year-round.
Our Mission
We are committed to helping you enjoy your pets for as long as possible by keeping them fit and active. When sick or injured, we will work with you to get your pet back to doing the things you love to do together as quickly as possible. Consider us a part of your pet’s “Quality of Life Care Team”.
What is Rehabilitation?
Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy, as we know it in human medicine, has been around since the early 1900’s. It has only recently become part of animal care and is, perhaps, one of the fastest growing disciplines in veterinary medicine. When your pet has an injury, surgery or a neurological condition which affects its ability to function, rehabilitation is essential for recovery and return to normal activities. Rehabilitation practices can also be applied to the fitness and conditioning of athletic/working/show dogs to improve stance, stamina and performance.
What’s New


The last 2 years have required us to make many changes to the way we operate at Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre. Some of these changes have been helpful and will be permanent, such as requesting clients to phone in from the parking lot so that we can better manage the flow of DOGS through our narrow entryway. On the other hand, we are very excited to be able to have our wonderful clients join us in appointments. We will continue to offer curbside service on an as needed basis. Our business has also grown significantly in that time period and we find ourselves needing to make more changes to accommodate the increase in requests for new patient assessments so that we can reduce wait times. These changes are set to be implemented in mid-April and are as follows:

  1. LASER ONLY APPOINTMENTS – Will be scheduled with our trained assistants and will consist of LASER treatment only. These appointments are NO LONGER than 15 mins. Time permitting, the assistant may do a few exercises in the gym with your pet. As with technician appointments at the vet clinic, clients will not be able to come into these appointments as we do not have the space to accommodate additional people in the treatment area. There will be exceptions if we need you to assist with holding your pet. Assistants are not qualified to comment on your pet’s condition or to assess any changes. If you have any concerns, would like any measurements repeated or need to speak with a therapist, you will need to schedule a FOLLOW-UP REHAB appointment.
  2. NUTRITION/FITNESS CONSULTS – Will be scheduled with our certified fitness and nutrition counsellor. Nutrition only consults can be done by phone/email however, we do recommend combining nutrition with fitness. Weight loss programs will be more successful if you are coming in for regular measurements, weigh-ins and exercise.
  3. REHAB FITNESS *NEW* - Already available, this appointment type is for those patients still needing to build strength and muscle following injury/surgery but no longer in need of pain relief or tissue healing modalities. They are scheduled with our fitness counsellor and are 15-30 mins. long, depending on the pet’s stamina. Clients may choose to observe these appointments but do not have to be present.
  4. At this time, we continue to allow only 1 person per patient in for any appointment (except as described above). That person must wear a mask at all times while in the building, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will continue to provide curbside service for those who are uncomfortable coming into the building and for those dogs that are better behaved without their owners present.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Please, be patient and respectful of our staff as we continually adjust to manage our space. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BULLYING, RUDE BEHAVIOUR AND VERBAL ABUSE TOWARDS OUR STAFF. Anyone who treats our staff with disrespect will be asked to leave the premises.

Barbara, Keri and the NCCC staff


Beginning in May, we will be offering appointments on select Saturdays. The pool will also be available for recreational swimming. We expect these timeslots to fill quickly so, be sure to contact us early to avoid disappointment.

Upcoming Events
Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2, 2022 – CLOSED FOR Canada Day
Monday, Aug. 1st - CLOSED for Civic Holiday
Saturday, Aug. 6th - CLOSED for Natalia's Wedding Celebration
Saturday, Sept. 3rd & Mon. Sept. 5th - CLOSED for Labour Day